Tl;dr: Forbidden Island

Tl;dr: Forbidden Island

The first of our Tl;dr series of shorter reviews, here we do a quick comparison of Forbidden Island to Pandemic. Find out which we like to play more and be on the lookout for the longer review of Forbidden Island soon!read more

Forbidden Island 3

Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island is a light cooperative game which places you and your adventure-seeking friends on an ever sinking island. In your ever-astute wisdom, you all decide to grab the treasure before fleeing in one of your multiple helicopters…but don’t worry, you can somehow restore any part of the island that’s flooded to its gloriously dry state. A little far-fetched, maybe, but definitely a fun little filer and a great stepping stone game for learning mechanics common in much more complicated games. If you’re thinking about Pandemic or even Defenders of the Realm and haven’t played many other games yet, you might want to try Forbidden Island first to see if you like the more

Ticket to Ride: Europe 1

Ticket to Ride: Europe

Ticket to Ride is a commonly recommended “gateway game,” meaning a game used to introduce people to new mechanics and deeper gameplay than childhood staples such as Monopoly, Clue, or Sorry, to name a few. Is its popularity well deserved? Let’s take a look!read more