About Us

Now, kiss!

Left: Erik, Right: Michelle

Erik: Has lived in Sacramento, CA for most of his life, enjoys almost every type of game, but prefers games with more strategy than luck.  Works for a software company, as a Ruby developer and can commonly be found near a computer.
Current favorite board game: Hanabi.

Michelle: NorCal native, loves quick games and games with a good theme. Doesn’t mind luck as much in her games, and sometimes actively defies strategy to have more fun or play mind games with the rest of the group. Avid reader of fantasy and romance novels, she currently works at a library.
Current favorite board game: One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

We thought documenting our plays and what we like/dislike about each game would bring an interesting point of view to the review-world. If you’re more like Erik, you can listen to his side of the story, or if you side more with Michelle’s personality, you can pick up on what she is saying instead.  Of course, if you don’t like either of us, then at least you’ll know which games to avoid if we give them a good review!

You may have noticed that some of the reviews are by Ellen, who is no longer part of the gamer couple. However, for the sake of keeping the archives intact, Ellen’s reviews have been kept on the site, as she still made a great contribution to the content.